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2022 Interest and Planning Input

✅ Please take ninety-two seconds and help us plan for our reunion. 
🗳 Your responses will help the committee make the best decisions and optimal arrangments

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* Answer Required
1)   * Do you PLAN to attend our THIRTY year reunion this year (May.12-15.2022) in ATL?

2)   * How many ADULT guests will you bring? (e.g., adult child 18+, spouse, partner, or significant other)

3)   * How many YOUNG children (ages 0-12) will you bring?

4)   * How many MINOR guests (ages 13-17) will you bring?

5)   * Would you appreciate a souvenir golf shirt (like we had in 2017)?

6)   In addition to a quality golf shirt, would you appreciate additional souvenir items?

(examples: custom photo frame, souvenir candy tin, souvenir premium pen, souvenir piece of art/print, souvenir item for my office/workspace, etc.)
7)   Did you attended in the last reunion in 2017?

8)   Would you like STREAMING options to participate some events remotely?

9)   Would you appreciate if we instituted some reasonable and smart COVID precautions or protocols for all attendees?

(eg, proof of vaccination, or proof of negative test results, masks, or other precautions and protocols)
10)   Would you like to help with the reunion planning?

11)   Are you a member of our 1992 FaceBook group?

12)   Please feel free to share any other thoughts, suggestions, or comments (including what you enjoyed about our last reunion in 2017 •••• or what you might like to see DIFFERENT/NEW this year).